What is Gold Filled Jewellery?

2 Gold Filled Necklaces by January Eleven

What is Gold Filled Jewellery?

This question is asked at almost every market I go to. Let me start by saying that Gold Filled Jewellery (also known as Gold Fill or Rolled Gold), and Gold Plated jewellery are NOT the same thing.

Hand Holding January Eleven Gold Filled Jewellery Earrings
Gold filled Jewellery has a solid layer of real gold (usually 14k) heat bonded to a base metal (Usually Zinc and Copper - no nickel here). By law it needs to be a minimum of 5% gold filled (as in 5% of the finished item weight needs to be real gold) and as it’s the pure gold layer which is touching the skin, it acts and wears exactly the same as real gold (because it is!)
This makes it super easy to wear and a much more affordable option compared to solid gold pieces which is one of the reasons I began creating Gold filled jewellery in the first place.

How long does Gold Filled Jewellery last?

Well made Gold filled jewellery acts just like real gold if cared for properly so it can last a lifetime. When it comes to proper care, I recommend taking gold filled jewellery off before showering or swimming and letting lotions or perfumes dry before putting it on in the morning.  The gold layer won't wear off if you do these things, it may just become a little dull and means you will have to buff the shine back into your pieces more often and who has time for that?  Also, don’t sleep in your jewellery – Silver or Gold filled– jewellery snagging on your hair or pyjamas can pull and cause strain on a delicate chain.

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Gold Filled vs Gold Plated

When it comes to wear and tear, this is where gold filled jewellery comes into its own. 
Gold Plated jewellery is just that, a thin plating of gold applied using a chemical dipping process where a thin layer sticks to the surface of the metal.  There is no minimum amount of gold needed for this process meaning that the end result has less than half a percent of actual gold between you and the base metal (usually brass). Over time the plating can wear off and it will happen even quicker when exposed to perfumes, heat and water so becomes unwearable very quickly.   

Gold Filled jewellery is a great choice for gold lovers, its durability means that you can choose well made affordable pieces which will last compared to cheaper 'high street' jewellery which will quickly tarnish and be disposed of.  Gold Filled is a much more affordable and sustainable choice in gold jewellery.

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4 Gold Filled Necklaces by January Eleven
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